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Welcome to Aquarian Studios, where our mission is to inspire you to enhance your natural creativity.  In every moment of every day, we create our lives, either consciously or unconsciously, and within each and every one of us lies pure creative potential.  Creativity isn't limited to the Arts....its boundless energy flies everywhere in the Universe searching for someone to express it, to share it, to gift it to the world.  At Aquarian Studios, named for our Aquarian Age, we work with creativity in any manifestation, and we work extensively with musicians, recording, producing, and inspiring great performances, creating a space to grow beyond your current limitations, to experience the wonder and connectedness of all things, to express from the deepest strata of your being the essence of who you truly are, and allow you to share your unique gifts to enhance the lives of others.  Please join us.....

View from the cliffs outside of Aquarian Studios

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