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Creativity Coaching

It is in the breath that we find serenity.  It is in the quiet of the night left alone with our dreams that we reach, endlessly into the vastness of all that is, of endless possibilities, of that which we can touch and imagine in our hearts, and with the clarity of Intention, of Purpose, and of Joy, that which we can bring into form and use to Create Our Lives in the Image of our Dreams.

I imagine a world without boundaries, a world in which we recognize that, in fact, we are all one, and that we have not only the ability, but the responsibility to Create it from the place of our highest guidance.  

I imagine a world in which we cherish each other, and respect each other; and I imagine a world in which we nurture all our children with the gift of an Arts education; that we instill in them the value of balance, and that we inspire them to become the Creative giants that they indeed already are, and that we too already are.  

So walk with me, talk with me, and lets share our journey in the essence of Creative Light.

We offer group and individual creativity coaching, inspirational speaking engagements, and piano studies.

Please contact us to begin your journey.
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